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Essentials Subscription

Launch Your Manufacturing Journey with EssentialsStart with the foundational tools necessary for connecting and exploring opportunities within the manufacturing ecosystem.  

Essentials offers you access to everything in Free Subscription, plus:
  • Explorer Business Profile: Establish your presence with a business profile in our comprehensive directory, making your business discoverable to potential collaborators.

  • Discussion Forums & Labs Participation: Join up to six industry-focused discussion forums annually, fostering connections and knowledge exchange.

  • Chat Group: Join the conversation in our chat groups, a place for real-time discussions, Q&A, and networking.

  • Annual Conference Attendance: Participate in our flagship conference, with entry for up to five delegates.

  • Verified Affiliation Logo: Display a mark of trust and credibility with our verified affiliation logo on your communications.
This is ideal for emerging manufacturers eager to further build their network and gain industry insights.