Welcome to our Events page, where we briefly outline a variety of
opportunities designed to empower and inspire manufacturing professionals.
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Our existing events include our popular online discussion groups, where industry leaders exchange insights, share best practices, and tackle common challenges in the manufacturing sector. 

These sessions offer a collaborative environment for both learning and networking, helping you stay informed and connected with your peers.

Additionally, we offer Pathway Courses, comprehensive training programs tailored to the needs of manufacturing people, from new entrants to those experienced employees who are eager for gaining complementary skills. 

These courses cover a wide range of topics, from AI integration or Cyber Security knowledge to talent development, providing valuable learning opportunities and driving career growth.

Looking ahead, we're excited to announce upcoming webinars featuring both member manufacturers and industry experts. These webinars will cover a diverse range of topics, offering insights and strategies to help your workforce excel in their respective roles.

We're also planning a selection of training programmes across all categories of improvement and development, designed to address the evolving needs of the manufacturing industry. 

Stay tuned for updates on these exciting opportunities to expand your knowledge and expertise.